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Discovering the My Coach Rugby app...

My Coach Rugby is the mobile app that allows you to manage and organize the daily life of your rugby team, day after day, season after season. Designed to meet the needs of coaches, the application centralizes all the information of your team and saves you time and efficiency. With a simple click, you manage players and their personal info, the preparation of training and games, individual and collective statistics. Season after season, you keep all this data and enjoy optimal monitoring of the evolution of your team.

The +: Media Center

A unique library, full of educational content, made with high level experts to advance in a simple and fun way.

A mobile app that accompanies you in the heart of the scrum

My Coach Rugby, your new assistant that follows you to the edge of the field!

Your new assistant meets all the requirements of the perfect assistant. Available all the time and everywhere, the My Coach Rugby app is full of features. There are 6 and we let you discover them in detail:

Media Center

The app is a rich and unique resource of educational content. Here you will find a large series of videos, detailed training sessions and several advices. All this content is produced with top-level experts to help you progress by drawing on their expertise.


Manage your team with, for each player, a card with his personal and sports information, the monitoring of his physical condition, and statistics.


The management of your games in their entirety: creation of the match, composition, convocation, seizure at the edge of the field, match sheet ... An overview of your calendar and your results.


The organization of your training sessions with the possibility of calling your players. You can plan and prepare in detail each training session with a large library of exercise sheets made by the other coaches. You can also create and share your own exercises.


Individual and collective performances represented in figures and graphs. You can have an in-depth analysis thanks to the many filters.


Communicate quickly and easily with your players. Just select the people you want to send a message.